Toys are just not for Women


Dominate Your Man

Whenever you think of a Sex Shop what usually comes to mind is dildos and vibrators for women. Not anymore! http://mimacleaning.com/upholstery-cleaning-services/ Savage Desires also has sex toys specifically made for just men to use. It isn’t fair for women to get to have all of the fun…why not let your man try out something different and satisfying as well? Women have all different sized dildos to pick and all those fun vibrators. Men can pick a toy they want, and you can use it on him! Savage Desires has pocket pussies and sex dolls for your man! Has your man always wanted to try a threesome? Blindfold your guy and surprise him with the pocket pussy. This can definitely give the sensation of having two women at once. He will enjoy it and by doing some experimenting on him it will also turn you on so it is a win-win. Take turns by pleasuring each other with all the kinky toys we have. Handcuff him to the bed and put a blindfold over his eyes he will never expect you to do this to him. He will love every moment of you dominating him and taking control of performing a new sex routine. This time your guy will appreciate the spotlight on him. Don’t be surprised if one day he returns the favor by purchasing kinky toys and trying something new on you.


Single and Horny?

If you are a single guy and you want something at your own convenience. We have an arousing selection of toys in our shop. The pocket pussy is molded from that hot porn star you always fantasied about. Why not take that fantasy into a reality with Chanel St. James! This pocket pussy is made from Doc Johnson’s Ur3 skin. It has a very life-like feeling. Get to town with these toys and experience something you never had before. This sex doll is what you always wanted, with those 36DD and luscious curves. Why wait to get kinky with someone when you have this hot and ready-to-go doll at your fingertips? Her curvy figure is meant to do doggy-style just how you always pictured doing it with the porn star. Put her in any position you want as she is meant to satisfy your every need. Men can have the luxury of sex toys too. As technology is advancing just think about what will be available in a couple of years. Start experimenting now and discover what other fantasies you want to fulfill.



It’s time to spice it up in the bedroom.

It is always refreshing and exciting to add something extra or different in the bedroom. If you have been in a long-term relationship or marriage for a while it is very healthy to add a little spice…even if it is something you’ve never tried before. After awhile the same sex routine can get boring. You find yourself not looking forward to the end of the night (or even the morning) like you use to when you were in your honeymoon stage of the relationship. It is never too late to experience something fun and new with your partner. I am sure your lover will appreciate every detail you have up your sleeve.


Surprise Surprise….

http://conceptsmarketingdesign.com/puffzy/jmpovio.php?id=معنی-last-seen-week Savage Desires can fulfill any fantasy you always wanted to try but never have. We have so many arousing toys to choose from that will fit your sexual desire, for not only yourself but you & your partner together! Surprise your lover with something kinky. You will find it will enhance your sex life and bring that (little- or generic Misoprostol canada big) “extra” you’ve been looking for! Whether you like fun novelties to intensify your night like handcuffs. Or you prefer something more stimulating like our “We Vibe 4” which can pleasure both you & your lover at the same time. We have got it all and we know that our products will definitely boost your love making to the next level.


Time To Play

So now that you know you need to find that special new enhancement. The best tip would be fulfilling both yours and your lover’s fantasies. What is something you know he/she would enjoy? If you don’t really know but want to find out and experiment during the session. We have different kits with a majority of everything, which are perfect for couples.  The Sex Therapy Kit for Lovers has: furry love cuffs, silk rose petals, mini-mite massager ns heads, lover’s coupon book, mega-stretch love ring, satin love mask, edible body point, flavored warming massage lotion and two hot wax candles. Savage Desires


Start fulfilling you and your significant other’s fantasy now…

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