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About Donna Savage



Have you ever wondered how your life would turn out if you didn’t dream and wish upon a star???

My name is Donna Savage first daughter for my parents, first daughter to take a leap of faith and started my business! 

My story began the day i created my life and not realising what i was doing, i wish upon a star and told that star that i wanted to live in Canada/New York i wanted to get married and be a house wife, i wanted to live in a house and it has to have a white picket fence (that’s the product of me watching too much television) that was the scope of my thinking and planning out my life.

You know the story of Genie and the bottle, “Your wish is my command “my wish did come through, i ask and it was given! But not the way i wanted it, i was not specific enough!

I was born in Jamaica, came to Canada at 18 years old, i met my husband now ex and father to my children, 4 days after i came to Canada. (He’s was saying yes fresh meat) and i was saying damn he’s fine, we still argue up to this day who pursue who!

We decided to date, the crazy thing is after several months i knew he wasn’t for me but my stubborn nature refuse to accept that, i had to prove that i can change him and make him into the kind of person i wanted.

I’m not going to go crazy on why our marriage didn’t work, we were both young, i wanted to change him, he wanted to dominate me, we had nothing in common but sex. I was insatiable because i wanted to have an orgasm, i wanted to experience an out of body experience when making love, i wanted my noise and love making sounds to be a true sound of passion, i wanted to arch my back with pure ecstasy crap i wanted to rip my hair out. That’s my fault for watching too much porn.

I watched porn for years because i wanted to learn how to please my man, but didn’t take note on how to teach him or myself how to please me. 

My lessons on touching myself from my elders was don’t touch your vagina it’s a sin, you will go to hell, I’m sure as heck didn’t want to go to hell so i didn’t touch my vagina, i made my husband touch it for me.

But how am i going to enjoy his touch when i was not connected to my inner being or in the moment of love making, because my mind was too busy wondering which other female he was sleeping with, or if my breast was perky enough, or if he’s turned off from my stretch mark, omg i forgot to gargle to have fresh breath.. How the heck am i ever going to experience my outer body experience if i can’t concentrate on the feel of his skin against my skin, or explain how i wanted to be touch if i don’t even know how to explain what i wanted!

It went on for years not having an orgasm, until one day i couldn’t take it anymore then i decided to confide in my sister about my lack of achieving an orgasm and feeling like i was not woman enough to have one, and i how felt inadequate.

She listened as she always does and a week later she bought a vibrator for me, i laughed and ask her what the heck i was supposed to do with this is? All she said was “figure it out” and i did!

New Chapter

My husband i broke up after 19 years and its then i found the passion to start my business on the basis of selling vibrators “Savage Desires” it took a fast turn to not getting off by using a vibrator, but SELF LOVE! All these years of me looking into the mirror and critiquing every part of my body, face, hair, my accent, my eyes etci was not a happy person and i didn’t love me, my thoughts and action wasn’t coming from a place of love for myself but lack of love and acceptance!

God/Universe has a funny way of making you take stock of your life; i started this business to help women have a happy life in the bedroom and to experience the big “O” and they have helped me more than they know, the women i have met have help shape me into the person i am today, they asked the questions i was thinking and didn’t know how to ask or to articulate how i was feeling or what i was thinking and bring it to the surface.

My story has brought me to where i am today, to help women take back their zeal for life, their identity and fall so in love with them self, other women will want to follow suit. I believe when we take stock of ourselves and actually look deep within our soul and take back what once was, the love of life.

Introduction to kink


 Discover your kinky side by exploring popular kinks like power exchange, bondage, impact play and more. Learn skills in sexy communication, role play and using kinky gear  If you’re relatively new to kink, there’s no better way to get started with lectures and hands on demonstrations that give you a solid foundation to explore kink, single  and couples welcome

Fellatio classes

Tired of doing the same thing every year with your girls, want to take your Fellatio game to another

Tired of doing the same thing every year ? Planning a 

  • Bachelorette Party 
  • Girls-Night-In 
  • Divorce party
  • Just because learning something new is fun

Stepping out of your comfort zone is sometimes scary but You definitely won't regret it

Surprise your partner with your new techniques , get ready to Blow His Mind, Bring your mind blowing question and lets get this work shop started!

Party includes:

  • Expert fellatio instruction
  • Hands on Simulated classes
  • everyone has to participate
  • judgement free zone
  • Bottle of wine
  • Cucumbers and Dildo for practice
  •  lubricants
  • condoms

Featured Products

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