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50 Shades of Fun Savage Workshops


  • Fellatio
  • Introduction to kink
  • Whats in your bedroom box
  • Self love workshop
  • Savage Desires party
  • Girls night in/out
  • sensual dance class

Book a Adult Party


 Plan a girls, couples ,divorce adult party where you touch, taste and feel all products and try, we usually have inventory for you take home! gather your friends and lets have a Desires party



These Adult workshops are made with the everyday person in mind!  Donna's approach is one that allows you to be comfortable in your skin and address questions at your own pace.  Her enthusiastic style and expertise leave you wanting more! Donna shares a lot of invaluable techniques, ideas, tips and tricks to spice up your "desires."  Very engaging as always!  Thanks again Donna 


  •   First he asked me what I learned. I was kind of vague with my response. I just told him “we learned how to suck dick”  He was like “ that’s what you took my money for? He said, “ you don’t need classes for that” But my dear in the morning he was singing a totally different tune. He loved it! He was like, “ it was tighter” something was different” “it was amazing” ha ha! 

  • “I went into the Fellatio workshop  thinking there wasn’t much more I could learn.. Man was I wrong! I learned so many useful techniques, one being how to turn off my gag reflex and get down deeper. My husband hasn’t left me alone since your class. Thank you Donna!”

  • My girl I must say it was off the chain as the recipient and the adult toys was a added bonus

  • So... this adult workshop has caused me problems... tested out my skills last night..  it was so good that I had to do it again. That ended up in me getting fucked in the kitchen 🤦🏾‍♀... on the stairs... in my office. Thank God the children are not here. oh and i got to drive the Benz

Build your bedroom Box


Are you curious about starting a bedroom toy box , want to replace or add more advance products, need a session on the new gadgets join our workshop or book a party

Upcoming event

Costume party wear a mask of fully dressed costume, come off social media and lets have some fun

Costume party , wear a mask or fully dress, come out and connect with like minded people, prizes to be won!

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Episode #5 Sexual trauma and recovery

Journey from molestation and journey to self discovery

Episode #9 Erogenous Zone Part 1

Discovering your erogenous zones with your partner through communication

It doesn’t only happen in the movies- squirt

Is there a difference between orgasm and squirting?  by: Donna Savage